Anyone hoping to find an agent for a book can profit from these sites:

Agent Query allows you to search by agent, agency, genre, whether the agent is a member of AAR and whether they accept e-mail submissions. It's free and easy to use. For those sites with links to their home page, be sure to check the latest submissions requirements.

Query Tracker maintains a database of agents and agencies, but also keeps statistics about response times and acceptance rates. It's user provided data, but you don't need to log your own submissions to take advantage of those who do.

Publishers Marketplace isn't free, but for $20 a month you get access to all the deals for each agent and agency. Want to know how many debut novels agent X has placed this year? You can find out here, along with the size of the advance.

Absolute Write Watercooler is a forum for writers that discusses, among other things, experiences with agents and publishers.

Preditors and Editors helps you avoid unscrupulous agents and publishers by compiling users' experiences and rating the businesses.

The Association of Authors' Representatives maintains a searchable list of members. This is the primary organization for agents, and has a code of conduct that among other things prohibits reading fees. It's a good list, but not all good, scrupulous agents are members.

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